Summer is coming but our agenda doesn’t take a break! This week we are going to attend two amazing events! The first one will take place on Friday and Saturday and its name is ‘Edutopia‘. This meeting is focuses on technology and education and it is intended for teachers (although lots of parents are going to be there too!).
During this couple of days we will be showing and sharing our augmented reality application with every person who wants interacting with Chromville’s world. Our goal is reveal to our spanish public look all the possibilities offered by Chromville, both for education and for entertainment. At the same time, it will be run some talks where some teachers will share their educational experiences with the rest of participants. This event will bring together professionals from Kindergarten to university. Is it not amazing?






The second meeting is the ‘Tiny-market‘. It will take place on Sunday and is meant for parents and children who want to spend their Sunday being involved in workshops (one of them from Chromville, of course!), activities and music events. Besides, it will be a bartering in which kids will be able to exchange their toys and books with other children. This activity will aim to introduce them a responsible and respectful consumption philosophy. What do you think about this interesting initiative? Have you ever been in an event like this? Write us  a comment and let us to know!




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