How to play coloring pages


augmented reality coloring pages from HERE


inside the figures as well as you can


the Chromville apps for free


to the coloring pages and bring characters to life!

FAQ (Frecuently Asked Questions)

The School License is a special Chromville World pack for teachers and schools. It costs the same as an Individual School but allows using the Chromville Science app on 25 devices at a time. Teachers and schools automatically get a School License purchasing the Chromville World pack.

Once you have bought Chromville World, go to your account and click on downloads (left menu).


The expiration of the codes depends on the type of code. People who will receive these codes will be notified previously.

No. The code can only be used to create one Chromville World account. One code may be used for more than one device at the same time only in special cases. People involved will be informed about this.

The code gives you the opportunity to create an account for the Chromville World package. This account can be logged into all the devices that you need. In spite of this, the code (or account) doesn’t allow you to start the Chromville Science app in two devices at the same time.

We adapt the group licence according to the needs of schools or other kind of institutions. If you are interested in this, contact us via

If you have an Individual License the Chromville Science app works just on one device per time.

The School License (for teachers and schools) allows using the Chromville Science app on 25 devices at the same time. Teachers and Schools get automatically a School License purchasing Chromville World pack.

Yes. When you buy the Chromville World package you create a users account. You can access to the Chromville World content on all the devices in which you log in with this account. Remember, the Individual License doesn’t allow log-in in more than one device at the same time. The School License allows you using Chromville Science app in 25 devices at the same time.

The Chromville World package doesn’t expire. Any change related to the Chromville World package will be reported to the users.

No, this is included in the Chromville World package. You just have to pay for it once.

The content will be updated around four times a year. New COLORING PAGES, CLASSROOM MATERIALS and 3D PRINTING FIGURES. Follow us on the social media or subscribe to our newsletter, we will report about everything by these channels!

Yes. The Chromville World package include the Chromville Science app, the 2D educational content and the 3D printable figures. You will have access to all this amazing resources just by buying this kit.

This might happen because your device is working too slow or you have restarted the augmented reality experience too many times. Don’t worry, the solution is easy:

-Refresh the screen with pressing the ‘clean 3D’ button included in the menu on the right.

-Return to the previous screen and access again.

If this is one of those rare cases in which these solutions don’t work, restart the app.

This happens for different reasons.

-Make sure that you are on the correct screen. Check the bottom right corner, you will see the logotype of the screen in which you should be to activate the coloring page experience.

-You have painted too much the coloring page. Every template includes some marks that are needed to bring the experience to life. You must keep them uncolored.

-The coloring page is too damaged (crumpled, wet or broken).

One advice: avoid strong and dark colors, they make the recognize of the coloring page harder.

This is not possible at the moment. In spite of this, there are lots of Chromville fans which share videos. How is this possible? Very easy, take another device and making the video with it!

Chromville app can’t save the picture on your device when the permissions aren’t activated. Check them and be sure that everything is correct.

The most likely is that this problem be related with your device. Be sure to activate the camera permissions of your device. If everything is right, check your software version. It is possible that it not be compatible with our app.

If the problem continues, contact with us via

Most of the times this problem occurs because your device works with a too old or too new software version. In the first case, try to update your device. In the second, be patient. We are working on it!