On the 22nd of April we celebrate Earth Day on Earth and in Chromville World! What do we really celebrate on this day?
On Earth Day worldwide events are held to demonstrate the support for environmental protection. This special day is celebrated in over 193 countries on Earth and in Chromville World! If you know Chromville World you probably know that they try to protect their environments by recycling all that they can, but why do the Chromers recycle?

The Chromers recycle on all different kind of ways, they recycle glass, paper, plastic, metals and in Chromville World they turn dead plants, fruit and vegetable rests into compost.

The Chromers want to protect their environment: Dana  wants to keep her tree´s standing, Fred doesn´t want the volcano to explode because of global warming, Ronnie is scared that the climate change will make his dessert too hot, Walt wants to fly in clean air and Zoe wants to swim in clean water.

  1. Recycling helps to protect the environment

Using recycled materials instead of new products in the manufacturing process also safes energy, this gives a positive contribution to global warming because we don´t use so much energy, this reduces air and water pollution.

  1. Recycling saves our recourses

When we recycle used material, the material is turned into a new product, this reduces the need to use our natural resources for new products. Forests don´t have to be cut down because old paper will be used to produce new paper and we need less natural resources to, for example, make plastic.

  1. Recycling reduces landfill

When we reduce all old materials, the amount of trash that is normally sent to landfill is reduced.

Earth Day

The Chromers really enjoy recycling, recycling helps them to live in the environment that they like! Do you want to help them a bit? Create your own Chromville Earth Day Box by recycling your old coloring pages!  Check here how we made the Box!

Do you want to learn how to recycle? In Chromville Science the Chromers help you with all recycling issues!