Your holiday is right around the corner. That means swimming, eating ice cream, no homework and playing with your friends! However, you might get a bit bored during the summer, and your brain will feel like it is learning nothing. Luckily you can bring the Chromers to all the places that you want, you will never have to feel bored again!

Especially for that the Chromers came up with some Do´s and Don´ts in Chromville World for the Summer!


  1. Play with the Chromers in Chromville World, they also need your help to color Chromville!
  2. Learn about water with Zoe and her 3D adventures when you are taking a rest of swimming!
  3. Build a vehicle with Ronnie on a rainy day in Chromville Science
  4. Help your parents recycle with Dana in Chromville Science
  5. Cook an amazing dish with Fred for new guests with Chromville Science
  6. Use the 2D material to get your eyes off the screen and play and learn at the same time!
  7. Do this all with your friends!


  1. Don´t bring your mobile device into the water
  2. Don´t forget to color the coloring pages so you can help Chromville to get its color back

Have fun playing this summer, don’t stop learning and use all your creativity!