Have you ever dream about choose the name of one of your favourite characters? Imagine for a second, that you have been the artist who game name of a famous character like, Pikachu from Pokémon, Spongebob Squarepants, or even… Finn the human & Jake the Dog from Adventure Time! That would be awesome right? Well now imagine that your children could have the chance to do something like that! Or your nephew or your grandson… Well we have the honor to invite you to participate to the first International Narrative & Naming contest of Chromville.

We don’t know how is Chromville going to be like in the future, but we have something clear. We want Chromville to be an fully interactive world for kids made by kids, where the children have the real chance to bring alive their own characters. First, they can paint out coloring pages and bring them to life with their smartphone or tablet with the same colors as they painted it, if anyone doesn’t know how to use Chromville app you can take a look at How to use Chromville app tutorial.

Just paint the characters is an amazing experience itself, but, we want to get even further, as we said before on our first post Welcome to Chromville! Say HI! we want Chromville to be a project when the kids really participate as much as they can, being the real main character of Chromville, that way they will enjoy the adventures, they will laugh, they will have great experiences with their imagination and overall, they will learn having fun. And the first step of this amazing roller coaster is… GREENLAND!

Here are some descriptions that may help you to start: “What is Greenland? The huge wild forests come to life thanks to the fertility of the land, crossed by long rivers that supply magic to all nature. During the daylight, the sunshine creates nice environment; however, when night falls the weather gets cold. How is the Greenland Girl? She is a quite curious girl, in fact she want to become a great archaeologist in the future, she loves reading about Chromville’s ancient history.”

There is still time to the first season of Chromville but… Why don’t we start to play? Get ready.. grab a pencil, grab a sheet and take note of the rules, the great adventure starts NOW!


– Narrative contest: All those who participate in the contest must write about a fantastic adventure with Greenland’s Girl as the main character.

– Naming contest: Create a fictitious name for one of the Chromers: The Greenland girl


The main goal of this contest is open to all educational institutions


> Children between  1st -2nd- 3rd (ages 6-9)

> Children between  4th – 5th (ages 9-11)


– The maximum length of the history is 2 pages A4 size.

– The history must be original and made by the contestant.

– All entries must be identified with name, surname, and date of birth of the contestant.

– All entries must specify the name of Greenland’s Girl, in order to participate in the Name Contest.

– Each contestant can send a maximum of 1 history based on Greenland’s Girl and 3 different names.

– The entries can be written in English or Spanish.

– The legal representatives of the contestant must complete our parental consent form document you can download it here.

– The entries can be sent in 3 different ways, both of them by email:

– Handwritten, clear spelling, also can be scanned and converted to .jpg or .pdf

– Computer written à .doc or .pdf

– The teacher in charge will be responsible for sending all the histories and the parental consent form  via email to with the subject : “Chromville’s Writing Contest #1” or to:  c/ Mas de las Matas nº 20 (Edificio Zaragoza Activa), 50015 – Zaragoza (Spain)

– If the contestant does not participate via an educational center, the legal representative is responsible to send the entry and the consent from.


The final day to send the entry is May 9, 2014 to


Narrative Contest:

The winner in each category will get:

> Chromville’s Trophy, printed in 3D.

> Winner Diploma for the contestant and the school

For the two runners-up:

> Chromville’s Diploma for the contestant and the school

Naming Contest:

The best name will be given to the Greenland’s Girl.

Also the winner will get:

> Chromville’s T-Shirt

> Winner Diploma for the contestant and the school

For the two runners-up:

> Chromville’s Diploma for the contestant and the school


The Judging of the contest will be performed by Chromville’s team and the final results will be announced in the month of May. Also, the results will be sent via email to all contestants and will be published on along with our social media

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