Hi friends! We are happy to give you all a warm welcome to Chromville’s World. First, we want to thank you for all the love and support that we are getting from planet Earth. It’s really exciting  to see how chromers and humans are becoming friends.

At the moment as some of you already know, Chromville app is at it’s Beta phase and it still have the basic features, but, even with just that the answer that we are getting is fantastic.

The project has generate some noise, and thanks to that we have cross the ocean and meet people like Drew Minock, Shannon Miller, Louise Morgan, Brad Waid, Todd Nesloney…. Teachers that take seriously the evolution of education along with the technologies and try to improve the learning ways of the kids. Just having the chance to have videoconference with them and their students its a great pleasure, and also it has been also a great experience for us to learn some new things about education in the USA.. It’s so exciting to see how kids so far away from us having fun with our app , we can’t describe.

Actually we are working really hard to improve the usability of the app and developing the first episodes of the chromers. As you know it’s a word with 5 different regions Cloudskingdom, Stonetown, Greenland, Watervile, Firecity and the Customize land. The first coloring pages have had a great impact on the audience and it have give us a boost of motivation.

We want to this blog to be a meeting point where we will share all the news of our projects, contest, interviews, videoconferences and all and of experiences… We want to invite all of you to become a member of the Chromville’s family, feel free to comment, send us feedback, share your ideas, as for videoconferences, We will receive all of you with open arms.

Thanks one more time for all por positive energy and the color that you are bringing to Chromville. We will be back soon with more news!

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