After the amazing story about Gabrail and Greenland, it is the moment of our second winner! She is Mehreen Naqvi and her story talks about Kirsten and Lexus. Do you wanna know more? Enjoy!

Author: Mehreen Naqvi
Position: Second
Age: 9
Teacher: Jen Barcavage @Barcavage2ndGR
From: Pennsylvania, USA




Kirsten was archaeologist and was trying to find a wizard spell to save the trees. She was always digging articles and putting them in a bag that she brought with her so she could find the wizard spell to get the trees back up.

She found a tree that was really tall and “the tree said that she wanted to join her in her adventurer”. Kirsten said “you can join me first what is your name”? “My name is Lexus what is yours”? “My name is Kirsten”.

She went through all kind of plants like grass trees and flowers. Then she saw very dark clouds that was a warning about that there was danger. Then thunder came and flashed at Kirsten. Kirsten was digging and she was too deep that she did not know that there was a storm coming. Lexus was shocked and was all most fainting.

When Kirsten found out that Lexus was fainting she quickly got some water and dirt to help her.When the storm went away Lexus felt a little better. Then “Kirsten said that she found a dinosaurs bone while she was digging”. “It is T-rec’s bone that you found Kirsten said Lexus”. On the way they found a bunny that talked.

“Hey what is your name said Kirsten”.””My name is Mr.Loopy”. “What is yours said the bunny”. “My name is Kirsten” Kirsten said. “I am sorry but we have to go to get a spell” . “Yeah just one thing do you know where to find the wizard spell”? “Do you mean the one that has the 4 elements in it”? “Yes that one we have to get a spell back to save the trees”.

“Listen very closely the wizard is on wider street”. “Thanks goodbye”. “LOOK! Lexus Here they are”.”Get them but be really silent Lexus said”, “Yes we got the spell!” They got the spell and saved the trees.