General Conditions for the Use and Recruitment


1. Legal information of the company

1.1. Imascono Art

  1. Brand Name: Chromville.
  2. Owner: Imascono Art S.L. (IMASCONO)
  3. Registered Office: SanClemente, number 3, floor 1, and office 2-3. 50001 Zaragoza (Spain)
  4. Code: B99299703
  5. Email:
  6. Website:

Chromville mobile apps (“CHROMVILLE APP” –and all its variants- and “CHROMVLILE SCIENCE”) and Chromville website (“CHROMVILLE.COM”) belongs to Imascono Art S.L. (“IMASCONO”). All the content, design, and technological development are their private property. IMASCONO has the right to demand damages of any the impact, plagiarism, theft or any other illegal activity on their intellectual property.

IMASCONO, responsible of the website and Chromville apps, provides the users this document to fulfill the responsibilities from the law: Ley 34/2002, de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y del Comercio Electrónico (LSSI-CE), as well as informs all these users about the general conditions for the use of the website.


1.2. Corporate purpose

CHROMVILLE is an educational mobile app for children based on Augmented Reality technology, which allows the USERS to enjoy a 3D experience with their Smartphone or Tablet.

The website allows USERS to find information about the app, download the coloring pages and buy all the products associated to the Chromville universe.


2. General Conditions

These General Conditions for the Use and Recruitment apply (without exceptions) to all the USERS of the website and the app of CHROMVILLE.

These conditions will be accepted by the USERS at the time they start surfing the Chromville website or use the Chromville mobile apps.


2.1. Owner Rights

The General Terms and the Privacy Policy can be modified by IMASCONO if the company thinks that it is necessary. If that happens, the USERS will be notified of the changes. If the USER doesn’t agree with these changes, he or she must refrain from using the products and services which provide and the CHROMVILLE APPs.

IMASCONO reserves the right to modify, remove and improve with no need for prior notice the contents and services of CHROMVILLE.COM and the CHROMVILLE APPs.

IMASCONO reserves the right to limit (totally or partially) the access to the contents and services of CHROMVILLE.COM and the CHROMVILLE APPs of the USERS who violate the General Terms and the Privacy Policy.


2.2. Access Conditions

2.2.1. Website Access

The most part of the content and services of CHROMVILLE.COM are free of charge and freely accessible influenced by the prior consent of the General Terms for the Use of the website.

To download the Augmented Reality coloring pages (as well as the rest of 2D educational free content provided by Chromville) is necessary to be registered on the CHROMVILLE.COM. Only those USERS who have completed the registration process will be able to get the templates which activate the Augmented Reality experience through the CHROMVILLE APPs.

To get the 2D classroom materials and 3D printing files it is necessary to buy the Chromville World pack. Only those USERS that have bought the educational license will be able to download the associated digital materials.   


2.2.2. Chromville App Access

The download of CHROMVILLE APP and CHROMVILLE SCIENCE is free of charge. The app can be downloaded from the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). There is also direct access from the website


2.2.3. 3D Experience Access

All the Augmented Reality experiences associated to the CHROMVILLE APP are free of charge. USERS access to the AR experience starting the CHROMVILLE APP on their Smartphone or Tablet and pointing with the device to the coloring page.

The CHROMVILLE SCIENCE app includes free and not free content. The free content is accessible in the same way than the CHROMVILLE APP experiences (explained on the previous paragraph). To unblock the premium content the USERS have to buy the CHROMVILLE WORLD educational pack and, after that, log in the app. To complete the purchase process it is necessary being register on our website and provide the requested information.


2.2.4. Navigation experience

In order to preserve the tranquility of children, parents and teachers, CHROMVILLE.COM, CHROMVILLE APP and CHROMVILLE SCIENCE doesn’t include advertising. The user experience has been designed for the purpose of providing to the USERS a comfortable, rewarding and fluent experience.


2.2.5. App requests permissions

The use of CHROMVILLE APPs requires specific permissions on the USER’s device. These permissions are the access to the camera (taking pictures or videos of the Augmented Reality experience), the vibration system; consulting, modifying or deleting media files; accessing to the Internet network, the device ID and the phone state.

The CHROMVILLE APPs do never take personal information from the USER device related with the contacts, the agenda or other apps installed on the device.


2.2.6. Newsletter Terms

Subscribing on CHROMVILLE newsletters is possible including the email on the ‘newsletter subscription form’ placed on the website home or letting the checkbox ticked during the register process. These data will be used by IMASCONO according the Privacy Policy of the website.

The data provided by the USERS on the newsletter’s registration form must be real, current and verified. USERS mustn’t provide false or imprecise data. The USER who breaks this term will be the only responsible of the illegal action. It is expressly prohibited to substitute the identity of another person on this newsletter registration. IMASCONO reserves the right of cancel the newsletter’s access of any USER who breach these terms.

IMASCONO will send to the subscribers the entire information relative with CHROMVILLE.COM, CHROMVILLE APP and IMASCONO which the company thinks that is interesting or necessary.


2.2.7. Online shop access

Buying the Chromville World pack is possible from the Chromville World page. After clicking the ‘buy’ button it appears a form to be filled. Once the process is finished, the Chromville World content is automatically unlocked.

The system only allows buying one Chromville World pack per user account. To get two or more educational packs it is necessary to create more user accounts.


2.2.8. Return policy

IMASCONO accepts the return of the downloadable content purchased on the website within 48 hours as long as the product has not been activated at Chromville application.


2.3. Intellectual and industrial property

All the content included on CHROMVILLE.COM and CHROMVILLE APPs (titles, text, photos, graphics, pictures, logos, technology and graphic design) belongs to IMASCONO or his affiliates. Similarly, the brands, trade names or distinctive signs belong to IMASCONO or his affiliates. IMASCONO doesn’t yield operating rights for this intellectual property by the USERS.

All the content which has been yielded by the USERS will belong to the person who has given it to CHROMVILLE. IMASCONO reserves the right of use of this content according to the company’s public relationship needs.

If you want to inform us about any possible infringement of industrial and intellectual property rights, as well as feedback about the content of this website, please do so using the following email address:


3. Responsibility

3.1. IMASCONO Responsibility

IMASCONO commits that all the content of CHROMVILLE.COM and CHROMVILLE APPs is real, current and itself. If the content doesn’t belong to IMASCONO the source will be included with it.

IMASCONO commits to let the USERS know about any modification on the General Conditions for the Use and Recruitment.


3.2. USERS Responsibility

The USERS commit to make a proper use of CHROMVILLE.COM and CHROMVILLE APPs, not to carry out illegal activities, not to cause damages and not to violate the right to honor personal privacy, personal portrayal, private property or other nature.

The USERS commit to provide real, current and verified data always if it is necessary. Any problem arising from false or incorrect data will be responsibility of the USERS.


3.3. Exclusion of liability

IMASCONO will not be responsibly of any damage on the USERS’ software and hardware during the use of CHROMVILLE.COM and CHROMVILLE APPs, just like any damage or injury related to any failure or disconnection of telecommunications network used by the USERS.

IMASCONO will not be responsibly of the USERS’ activities on CHROMVILLE.COM and CHROMVILLE APPs.

IMASCONO will not be responsibly of any content or privacy policy from the links of third which being included on CHROMVILLE.COM and CHROMVILLE APPs. Anyway, IMASCONO expresses its intention to remove any sort of content which infringes the national or international regulations, moral or public order by deleting the link to the offending website, and informing the relevant authorities about specific forbidden content.


4. Length of the activity

CHROMVILLE.COM has been revised and checked so that it should work correctly. In theory, we guarantee the website should operate correctly 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. However, the provider does not rule out the possibility of some programming errors, or some exceptional circumstances ‘force majeure’ such as natural catastrophes, strikes or other similar circumstances which make access to the website impossible.

At first, CHROMVILLE, CHROMVILLE.COM and CHROMVILLE APPs have an indefinite duration. In spite of this, IMASCONO reserves the right of suspend the activity without prior notification. Whenever possible, IMASCONO will notify the cessation of the activity to the USERS.


Privacy policy and protection of personal data (LSSI)


The access and use of CHROMVILLE.COM and CHROMVILLE APPs by USERS, just like the subscription on the NEWSLETTER, implies the acceptance of this Privacy policy and protection of personal data.

If the USERS don’t agree with this ‘Privacy policy and protection of personal data’ they must refrain from accessing CHROMVILLE.COM and CHROMVILLE APPs, just like using their services and content.


1. Data provided by users

The access and use of the content and services of CHROMVILLE.COM requires the registration of the users. The USERS have to provide their data (name, email, category –teacher, parent or kid- and date of birth) during the registration process. Subscribing on the Chromville NEWSLETTER only requires providing an email.  

The access and use of CHROMVILLE APPs requires the download of the app at Google Play or App Store. This process is for free. In order to use the locked content included in the CHROMVILLE SCIENCE app, the USERS will have to complete the login process including their email and password.

Buying the CHROMVILLE WORLD pack requires the following information: first and last name, email address, phone, country, address, town / city, state / country and postcode / ZIP, in order to guarantee the USERS a proper service. This information won’t be share with third partners.  

The payment process doesn’t happen on CHROMVILLE.COM. The USER is redirected to an external website protected by the company’s bank system. IMASCONO doesn’t collect any data related with the payment process.


2. Data stored (automated data file)

The data provided by the USERS, just like the ID of each device which has been downloaded CHROMVILLE APP, will be stored in an individual data base which belongs to IMASCONO.

The data related with the use of the CHROMVILLE APPs is automatically collected by the system. This information is anonymous. At no time the data will be shared with third partners. The information will be used in order to guarantee the proper app operation and improve the service offered to the USERS.

IMASCONO, as responsible of the data bases, guarantees to the USERS the rights of access, rectification, erasure or objection of the data included on these bases. IMASCONO commits to preserve data confidentiality and to use them just for purposes related with CHROMVILLE.COM and CHROMVILLE APP.

For exercising the rights of access, rectification, erasure and objection, USERS have to contact IMASCONO on


3. Cookies

CHROMVILLE.COM uses ‘COOKIES’, small files stored by your browser when the USERS surf the web. These files improve the USERS’ experience, collect statistics and offer content according to the USERS likes.

In any case, the COOKIES used in this website are temporary with the sole objective of making transmission of data easier, so they disappear when the user ends the session, and will never be used for collecting personal information.

CHROMVILLE.COM uses GOOGLE ANALYTICIS, an analytic service from Google, Inc. The COOKIE information is stored by Google for developing of usability reports which allows improving the services and content of CHROMVILLE.COM.

The USERS can reject the use of COOKIES on the changing the setting of a web browser but they won’t have access to all the services of CHROMVILE.COM. The use of CHROMVILLE.COM without changes on the browser supposes the acceptation of this cookie’s policy.


4. Privacy policy modifications

IMASCONO reserves the right of make any modification to this privacy policy without prior notification. IMASCONO will notify this change to the USERS.


5. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

For the resolution of any disputes or questions related to CHROMVILLE.COM or the activities carried out on it, Spanish legislation is applicable, and the parties specifically submit themselves to said legislation, with the Courts and Tribunals of Zaragoza (Spain) shall be competent to hear any disputes arising from or concerned with the use of this website.

Last updated: 21/12/2016