1. Company legal information.

In compliance of the established in the law: Ley 34/2002,of July 11, about Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI+CE), and the General Data protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679), the general information of CHROMVILLE.COM and the CHROMVILLE APPs are given below to the users of the website.

1.1. Imascono Art.

Company name: IMASCONO ART S.L.

Tax Number:: B99299703

Registered Office: c/ San Clemente, nº3, 1º, Oficina 3, 50001 de Zaragoza (ZARAGOZA)

Phone number: +34 876283714


1.2. Supplied Data.

The information or personal data supplied by the user will be treated as established in the data protection policies. By using this website the user accepts the treatment of his information and data and declares that all the facilitated data is veridical and corresponds to the reality.

1.3. Privacy and personal data protection.

IMASCONO ART S.L. complies with all the guidelines on the General Data Protection law (Regulation 2016/679) (EU) and all the other valid regulations at the moment, seeking to warrant the correct use and treatment of the user personal data.

For this, attached to every personal data form of any service of the user required by this site creator company, it will be informed to the user the existence and conditions acceptance of his data treatment for each case, informing him about the responsibility file created, the responsible address and possibility of executing his access, rectification, cancelation or opposition rights with third parties given the case.

At the same time, IMASCONO ART S.L. creator of the website according to the Information Services of Society and Electronic Commerce (Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y el Comercio Electrónico) 34/2002 Law of june 11, will request the user consent to his email treatment with commercial purpose at any moment.

1.4. Minors.

This website content is directed to adult public. IMASCONO ART S.L. does not pretend to obtain minor age data. When IMASCONO ART S.L. identifies any minor data on its files will immediately delete and cancel these files.

1.5. User responsibilities.

The user will respect all the time the terms and conditions established for the website.

The user will used this web page diligently and assuming any responsibility that could derive from incompletion of the terms and conditions of the web.

The user will not use this website to transmit, file, share or promote any data or content carrier of virus or any other computer code, archive or program designed to interrupt, destroy or harm the functioning of any program or computer or telecommunications equipment.

1.6. Propiedad Industrial e Intelectual

All the content included on CHROMVILLE.COM and CHROMVILLE APPs (titles, text, photos, graphics, pictures, logos, technology and graphic design) belongs to IMASCONO or his affiliates. Similarly, the brands, trade names or distinctive signs belong to IMASCONO or his affiliates. IMASCONO doesn’t yield operating rights for this intellectual property by the USERS.

All the content which has been yielded by the USERS will belong to the person who has given it to CHROMVILLE. IMASCONO reserves the right of use of this content according to the company’s public relationship needs.

If you want to inform us about any possible infringement of industrial and intellectual property rights, as well as feedback about the content of this website, please do so using the following email address:

Under the provisions of the articles 8 and 32.1, paragraph second of the Intellectual property Law (Ley de Propiedad Intelectual), it is prohibited the reproduction, distribution or public communication, including the modality of making available all or part of the website content with commercial purpose, in any support and by any technical media without previous authorization of IMASCONO S.L. All rights reserved.

The USER agrees to respect the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights of IMASCONO ART S.L. and will be able to visualize this portal elements, print, copy and stock on his computer, hard disk or any other physical support any content only in case that it will be for his personal and private use.

The USER must abstain of suppressing, altering, eluding or manipulating any of the security devices or systems installed on the IMASCONO ART S.L pages.

1.7. Exclusion rights.

IMASCONO ART S.L. reserves the right of denying or retiring the Access to its portal or any of the supplied services without requiring any previous notice, by own instance or by a third, to those users who breach the use conditions of this portal.

IMASCONO ART S.L. will pursue the breach of portal use conditions, as well as any inadequate use of it, executing all the civil and penal actions that could apply by right.

1.8. Links and modifications.

IMASCONO ART S.L. reserves the right of any considered modification to the website without any previous notice, been able to change, add or remove all the content and offered services and the way they appear or it location, and the General conditions of contracting here defined.

IMASCONO ART S.L. is not responsible of any misuse carried out with any of the content of this website, been exclusive responsibility of the person who access and use them.

In the case that in links or hyperlinks to other websites were included, IMASCONO ART S.L., creator of this website, will not execute any type of control of this sites or content. In any case IMASCONO ART S.L. is going to assume responsibility for any link content from external webs, and will now warrant the technical availability, quality, reliability, exactitude, amplitude, veracity, validity and constitutionality of any material or information content in any of the hyperlinks of other internet sites. Furthermore the inclusion of this external links will not imply any association, merger or participation with the linked entities.

1.9. Applicable Law and jurisdiction.

The conditions of this site content on the legal warning, as well as the relationships between the user and IMASCONO ART S.L., will be regulated according to the Spanish laws. For any conflict resolution that could appear both parties will be subject to the competent jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the city of ZARAGOZA, renouncing to any other code of law that could correspond to any of them.


Chromville Augmented Reality educative mobile apps (“CHROMVILLE APP” –and all its variants- and “CHROMVLILE SCIENCE”) and Chromville website (“CHROMVILLE.COM”) belong to Imascono Art S.L. (“IMASCONO”). All the content, design, and technological development are their private property. IMASCONO has the right to demand damages for any incidence, plagiarism, theft or any other illegal activity against their intellectual property.

IMASCONO, responsible of the website and Chromville apps, provides the users this document to fulfill the responsibilities from the law: Ley 34/2002, de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y del Comercio Electrónico (LSSI-CE), as well as informs all these users about the general conditions for the use of the website.

This website uses cookies to give the user a better experience. If you keep navigating you are giving us the consent to accept our cookies policy and the installation of them for more information click on the following link.


IMASCONO ART S.L. uses ‘COOKIES’, small files stored by your browser when the USERS surf the web. These files improve the USERS’ experience, collect statistics and offer content according to the USERS likes.

In any case, the COOKIES used in this website are temporary with the sole objective of making transmission of data easier, so they disappear when the user ends the session, and will never be used for collecting personal information.

CHROMVILLE.COM uses GOOGLE ANALYTICIS, an analytic service from Google, Inc. The COOKIE information is stored by Google for developing of usability reports which allows improving the services and content of CHROMVILLE.COM 

  1. Cookies.

A cookie is a file that downloads on the user device when accessed to certain websites to stock and recover information about the navigation executed on the equipment. They have a double function, keeping the control and recognition of users, and following the information about his navigation habits.

1.1. Allow, block and cookies elimination.

The USERS can reject the use of COOKIES changing the settings of a web browser but they won’t have access to all the services of CHROMVILE.COM. The use of CHROMVILLE.COM without changes on the browser means the acceptance of this cookie’s policy.






1.2. Type of cookies we use.







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1.3. External links between social media.

The cookies from social media will be stock on your browser during you navigation on our website, for example, when you use the share button of our contents on any of your social media.

This web has external links to other sites that could treat the information according to other privacy policies (for example social media as Facebook, Twitter). In any case will IMASCONO be responsible of third parties use of this information if the interested person decides to share it.

To improve the user experience this web has habilitated social media buttons of facebook, pinterest, Google+, to allow the user to share with his social circle those contents of his interest. At the same time the social media buttons avoid the need of giving to this web your personal data by the use of the already share information in the social media.

The companies who generate cookies have their own cookies policy.

Cookie from Twitter, according to their privacy politic and cookies uses.

Cookie from LinkedIn, according to their privacy politic and cookies uses

Cookie from Facebook according to their privacy politic and cookies uses

Cookie de Google+ y Google Maps, according to their privacy politic and cookies uses

1.4. Cookies disabilitation.

The navigation from our web could not be optimum and some resources may be disabled.

  1. Corporate purpose

CHROMVILLE is an educational mobile app for children based on Augmented Reality technology that allows the USERS to enjoy a 3D experience with their Smartphone or Tablet.

The website allows USERS to find information about the app, download the coloring pages and buy all the products related to the Chromville universe.

3. Generic usage conditions

The following general conditions of contracting and usage are to be applied generally and without any exceptions to all CHROMVILLE.COM users and CHROMVILLE APPs users.

These conditions will be accepted by the website or applications’ users at the moment of accessing or using the services and contents offered by them.

In the event these conditions are not accepted, the user should avoid accessing and chromville apps, as well as avoid using the services and contents offered by them.

4. Owner rights

General conditions of contrating and usage, as well as privacy policy, could be modified by IMASCONO if the company deems it neccesary. In that event, USERS will be notified of the changes made. If those changes are not accepted, the user should avoid using the services and contents offered by CHROMVILLE.COM and CHROMVILLE APPs

IMASCONO reserves all rights to modify, suppress or improve without any previously-issued notification any service or content on CHROMVILLE.COM and CHROMVILLE APPs.

IMASCONO reserves the right to limit, totally or partially, the access to CHROMVILLE.COM and CHROMVILLE APPs to those users that infringe upon this terms and conditions.

4.1. Access conditions

4.1.1. Web Access

Most of the contents and services offered in are free in cost and free to access, conditioned to previous consent of the general conditions exposed here.

To download the colorable augmented reality sheets (as well as free 2D content offered by CHROMVILLE), it’s required to be registered at

Only users that have completed registration process will be able to download the sheets that activate the Augmented Reality experience with CHROMVILLE APPs.

To download educational 2D materials and printable 3D files, it’s required to buy the educational pack Chromville World. Only users that have bought this educational license could download digital materials associated to it.

4.1.2. Application Access.

CHROMVILLE APPs can be downloaded from App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) online stores. They can also be downloaded through’s buttons for that purpose. CHROMVILLE APPs’ download is free of any cost.

4.1.3. 3D Experience access

Using the Augmented Reality experience that enables to enjoy the 3D free CHROMVILLE APP experience is free of any cost.

USERS can access the augmented reality experience by starting up the app in their Smartphone or tablet and pointing the device to a coloring sheet.

CHROMVILLE SCIENCE app includes free and fee content. Free content is available the same way as in CHROMVILLE APP (as previously explained)

To unlock fee content USERS must buy the educational pack CHROMVILLE WORLD and log-in to the app afterwards. To complete educational pack’s buy it’s mandatory to be registered in

4.1.4. User experience.

With the intention of preserving kids, teachers and parent’s tranquility in mind, the website CHROMVILLE.COM and the CHROMVILLE APP and CHROMVILLE SCIENCE don’t include any kind of advertising on them. User experience is designed to offer USERS a comfortable, gratifying and fluid navigation

4.1.5. Permission request for the APPS.

CHROMVILLE APPs usage requires specific device permissions to be granted by the USER. Those permissions are access to the camera (used to take pictures and videos for the augmented reality experience), access to vibration system, query, modification and deletion of files (pictures and videos), network access, device identification and device conditions.

CHROMVILLE APPs will never register any personal information of the USER’s device related with contacts, agenda or any other applications installed on it.

4.1.6. Newsletter terms and conditions

CHROMVILLE’s newsletter access will be tied up to inclusion of the e-mail in the’s main page form, or by marking the specified check in the registry form. This data will be treated in conformity with the established conditions on the CHROMVILLE.COM’s privacy policy.

User provided data in registry form on the newsletter should be authentic, exact, recent and truthful. Registering fake, inexact or error-inducing data is forbidden. The USER guarantees the authenticity and truthfulness of all provided data and will be the only responsible for them. It’s strictly forbidden to impersonate somebody else’s identity during registration.

IMASCONO reserves the right to discontinue or finish the right to access the newsletter to a USER in case he does not comply or it’s suspected that he doesn’t comply with the exposed conditions; as well as send trough this tool any information the company deems necessary.

IMASCONO will send its subscriptions CHROMVILLE.COM, CHROMVILLE APPS and IMASCONO related information that the company deems necessary or with any interest.

4.1.7. Online shop access

Educational CHROMVILLE pack can be bought in CHROMVILLE WORLD’s website. After clicking the “buy” button, the user must fill out a form. After finishing the process, the pack’s content will be automatically unlocked.

4.1.8. Refund policy

Imascono allows for downloadable content’s refund during the following 48 hours after CHROMVILLE WORLD’s pack has been bought, only whenever the content has not been used.

Responsibility policy

  1. Responsability and data treatment.

Data provided by the user through this website forms will be incorporated for treatment under the responsibility of IMASCONO ART S.L. with TAX NUMBER B99299703 and registered office at c/ San Clemente, nº3, 1º, Oficina 3, 50001 de Zaragoza (ZARAGOZA).

You can contact by calling +34 876283714 or via e-mail on

IMASCONO commits itself to keep all contents offered on CHROMVILLE.COM authentic, truthful and of its ownership. In the event that’s not the case, their original source will be attached.

IMASCONO will notify its USERS any Usage Conditions or Privacy Policy’s modifications once they’ve been made.

1.2. User responsibilities

USER commits to make a proper use of CHROMVILLE.COM and CHROMVILLE APPs, to not use them to incur in illicit activities or contrary to law, to not infringe damage on physical or logical systems from technology’s responsible, its providers or third persons involved with it, as well as honor, privacy, image and any property rights.

User pledges to provide authentic and truthful data in all required actions. Any problem derived from inexact or fake data will be exclusive responsibility of the user.

1.3. Liability disclaimer

IMASCONO will not be held responsible for any damage on the software and computing devices of the USERs or third parties while using the CHROMVILLE.COM and CHROMVILLE APPs services, as well as the damages related with failures or disconnections from telecommunications networks used by the USER.

IMASCONO will not be held responsible for the attitude and actions of the USER on its webpage. USERS will be the only responsibles for the compromises assumed with CHROMVILLE.COM and CHROMVILLE APPS usage, as well as with fake or erroneous data provided

Finally, IMASCONO will not be held responsible for the contents in third party links included on CHROMVILLE.COM and CHROMVILLE APPS or their privacy policy.

1.4. Activity duration

CHROMVILLE.COM has been thoroughly reviewed for its optimal operation. Theoretically, we guarantee the proper functioning of the app 24/7 365 days/year. Despite this, exceptional circumstances or coding errors that make impossible to access to the website might occur.

CHROMVILLE.COM and CHROMVILLE APPS should have an unlimited running time. Yet IMASCONO reserves the rights to discontinue its activity at any time and without notice.
If possible, IMASCONO will warn its discontinuation to its USERS community to avoid any discomfort or harm


  1. Data collection purposes.

On this websites personal data is collected trough three different forms.
Requested data in each form are those needed for the reason they’re collected. Treatment
reasons are as follows:

  • Contact form: The reason behind this data’s gathering is to be able to answer the requested queries and send the user the requested information via e-mail or phone provided in the form

  • Newsletter subscription form: The reason behind this data’s recollection on this form is to be able to register the user in the company’s newsletter; through it, the user will receive information about offers, promotions, products and activities carried out by the company. User, once signed up, will receive an e-mail to confirm bulletin’s subscription.

  • User account form: The reason behind this data’s gathering on this form is to manage and process the user’s purchase. User will only be able to purchase if registered. Upon registering, access will be done with user and password, and the user will be able to see its purchase history etc. Also, using this form the user will be able to register on the ccompany’s newsletter; through it, the user will receive information about offers, promotions, products and activities carried on by the company. User, once signed up, will receive an e-mail to confirm bulletin’s subscription.

1.1. Data preservation

User-provided data will be preserved until the user requests its removal.

1.2. Data profiles.

Neither automated decissions nor profiles will be made with user-introduced data.

1.3. Making data processing legitimate.

Data processing is legitimate in provided consent by the user upon accepting our privacy policy, or by sending us an e-mail on website’s provided email.

User should fill out fields marked as * to be able to send fulfilled forms, otherwise user won’t be able to send them

1.4. Data release.

Data will not be released to third parties unless there’s legal duty to do so.

1.5. Servicios de terceros.

For this website’s development the following third party providers are being used:
Hosting: This website’s servers are hosted in the USE. Using TLS 1.2 so data communication is done through an encrypted channel.

1.6. User rights

User has right to:

  • access his personal data

  • request rectification to inexact personal data

  • request data removal when, among other reasons, it’s no longer required for the means they were requested.

  • request the limitation of data treatment, in which case they’ll only be held to exercise complaint management.

  • request data portability.

  • For reasons related with his specific situation, he could oppose to the treatment of the data, and IMASCONO ART S.L will stop to treat them, except for imperious legitimates reasons or complaint management.

  • User can revoke any given consent at any time.

The user can exercise his rights via e-mail on or via mail to

c/ San Clemente, nº3, 1º, Oficina 3, 50001 de Zaragoza (ZARAGOZA), providing a copy of the DNI and specifying the right exercised.

The user could also fill a complaint to the Spanish Data Protection Agency

IMASCONO ART S.L has deployed all the security measures to guarantee confidentiality on the storage and treatment of personal data, as well as prevent unauthorized third party access

1.7. Our social networks

Trough our social networks you can share our contents or share your comments, pictures or videos whenever it’s for the whole community’s interest.

Our social networks are being constantly supervised to attend your questions and comments in the best possible timing.

We want this to be a space where we all enjoy, that’s why it’s important to respect a set of coexistence rules:

  1. You’re the only responsible of the contents you publish. Don’t infringe any right, law of regulation.

  2. Take attention to the wording and tone; avoid publishing any abusive, defamatory or obscene information.

  3. Respect rights for privacy, don’t make any illicit, offensive or discriminatory comments on thrid parties.

  4. Avoid fraudulent, misleading or error-inducting comments.

  5. We don’t allow SPAM, commercial messages or advertising, we don’t want repetitive messages.

  6. We won’t keep any conversations with profiles we deem as fake.

Please keep in mind that published content by our webpage’s followers does not necessarily reflect our company’s point of view.

If your comments do not meet the “house rules” or company standards, they could be removed, hidden or blocked. Anyone that published unauthorized contents will be blocked from the community.

We reserve the right to modify these rules at any time and without notice