Magdalena Pastor works as a teacher in Cartagena (Spain). She likes the emerging technologies, taking part in European projects and work as an eTwining ambassador but above everything she loves teaching.



Why do you use technology to educate?

I have used emerging technologies in Elementary School since 2000/2001 and during this time I have realized that my students use it as a tool to learn in a more dynamic, creative and playful way.

Why creativity is so important in the personal and professional development of the children?

I remember that many years ago, in 1986, I worked with an innovative methodology based on the book of the Spanish Beatriz Trueba: Talleres Integrales en Educacion Infantil (based on the school scene organization). I added creativity and maturation while respecting each student paces and they used creativity to be their learning protagonists. We started with a poem or a song and from that artistic form they created their own knowledge and learning experiences.

Do you think parents are enough involved in teaching their children how to use emerging technologies?

Parents have evolved in this aspect. Some years ago the students were the ones to teach their parents how to use the PC but nowadays it´s different: some parents are still unable to use it, some others know how to use it and allow their children to use it without parental control while others seat boundaries and some others teach their children.

Tell us an anecdote about your students while they were using technology.

As an elementary school teachers I have a lot of anecdotes. For example I remember how my 3-yeard-old students drew with Paint like they were using a piece of paper. Or how a 5-yeard-old student who could written, dictated one of his classmates that couldnt a letter to thank another school, telling him how to typing.

 Why do you like Chromville?

This educational app is based on augmented reality; it´s very rewarding watching how your own draws become alive.

What problems do you think that Chromville solves?

The isolation of some of my students because they are forced to share their activities and working in group.

What else would you like to see in our app?

More prints about different subjects.

How do you think that Education would be in 10 years time?/ How will schools look in 10 years?

It would be more creative and emerging technologies will be settled in. I think learning would be based on projects (ABP) and on collaborative projects. Us, as eTwining ambassadors will carry on to share our experiences with the rest of the teachers and the school would be open for everybody.

Describe your job with 140 characters. “No son 140

For me it´s been something awesome, I feel that 37 years teaching is a good example. I have enjoyed my job, I´ve learned with and from my students as well as from my workmates. During this time I´ve experienced changes and I´ve worked with different methodologies but I prefer the emerging technologies and learning relying on projects and collaborative projects on eTwining. Sometimes they called me dreamer but I have always achieved my goals.

Who would you like us to interview?

I think there are a lot of good professionals such as: Cesar Bona (@cccesssarrr), Josua Blas Garcia Perez (@_INED21) or Mari Carmen Montoya (@mcarmenmm) who work with Chromville.