Lucia Fernandez works as a speech-language and hearing teacher in a school in Totana, Murcia (Spain). Luci­a is a user of Chromville and takes advantage of the emerging technologies to teach her students.

Twitter: @lucilogo

What do you do as a speech-language and hearing teacher?

The speech-language and hearing teacher works in collaboration with the other teachers. We take part on the students education when there is any problem related with the communication skills, language or speech.

Are the schools ready to your students needs?

Most part of my students needs adapted materials in order to understand the information and develop successfully their communication skills.

Whats your favorite thing about your job?

Watching how my students are capable of overcoming their barriers. This profession allows me to learn new things and set new goals. I embrace new challenges every day because each person is unique and has different needs.

How do you use/apply this technology with your students?

Related with the methodology and as a tool to carry out the rest of the activities. We use  all kind of devices: PCs, smartphones and PDI.

How will schools look in 10 years?

I hope we develop a more personalized education for all kind of students. An education that put more emphasis on creating skills rather than in learning contents and I guess the use of the technology would be part of it.

Where do you see yourself working in 10 years?

I havent thought about it.

Describe your job with 140 characters.

To evaluate, program, guide, motivate, adapt, share, learn, cooperate, talk, communicate, express, understand, include, enjoy.

Who would you like us to interview?

Any teacher who uses Chromville.