Inma Contreras
‘Visual and Manual Arts teacher’
Twitter: @inmitacs


Are children capable of work freely with their creativity?

I tend to offer an idea on which we work. Then, I motivate the students with activities which have multiple possibilities. It is a win-win situation: they are free to create what they want and I set some limits in order to organize the lessons.

How do you apply technology in your art lessons?

I suggest making an artwork for which they have to combine the work in classroom and at home. I usually let their family be part of these projects in order to include them on the students culture development.

What do you like the most about Chromville?

I think that Chromville allows starting to work with Augmented Reality in a simple, funny and effective way.

What problems is Chromville solving?

Chromville makes disappear the fear to play and learn with AR.

Where would your students love working when they grow up?

I don´t know!! , In any case, I hope my students will want being good persons interested in learning and working in the place they just love. I hope they become people capable of sharing their knowledge with other people and seeing the world from an open-minded way.

If you went back to the past, would you be a teacher again?

Yes, for sure!! You can bet on it!! At the beginning I wasn´t quite sure if I would like or not this way of working, but in a very few months I fell in love with this profession. For now, this is not only a work, but a passion.

How will education be in ten years?

Really, I have no idea! Perhaps it will be more coherent with society needs than right now. Perhaps the politicians won´t use education as a weapon, maybe, people will be so interested in increasing the culture of population that teachers will be considered something important…You know, dreaming is free! 😉

Describe your profession in 140 characters!

Passion, learning, insisting on ,keep on, working and loving, to summarize: keep calm and teach on

Who should be the next interviewer?

I strongly recommend you these four teachers who, from my point of view, are incredible persons and professional. And,what’s more, they are cool and great. 😉

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